Golden Boy

An educational and friendship oriented tour in the sorrento area for older gay men.
Come and join us for an enjoyable, entertaining tour in one of the most beautiful regions of the world.

You will be able to make new friends, travelling with a small group of mature gay men.
We shall blend culture with beauty, nature with fun, and history with art. stunning views mixed with culinary delights. and, one never knows what else might happen to come your way....

All tours will be accurately conducted at a leisurely pace, exploring many ancient ruins with their frescoes and mosaics, ancient temples, royal palaces, museums and a host of historical buildings are included among the many features of this tour.

This is not a tour intended for making out, but rather a cultural, fun-oriented adventure where you will be personally guided by a professional local tour guide through the infinite treasures of Sorrento.

Golden Boy

I'll be leading all the tour,taking you to all the places and being with you almost all the time.
I have been guiding people for 16 years and i would like now to be with the ones whose company i enjoy the most.
I am a professional guide with training in art history, archeology, history and geography of this specific area, the region of Campania, I have lived in England and Holland, and being a guide with such intensity for so many years, I have developed an experience working with people of different age, sex, provenience, cultural background and social level.

I have also been trained in meditation techniques and i've widely worked on myself in schools like Humaniversity, Holland, institute of personal growth, Miasto, Tuscany, and also in Poona, India.

All that has helped me to be able to be relaxed with people, to feel what they want in an easier way,and to be able to get the general mood of the group without skipping attention from the individual. And i've come to know precisely the target i am most happy with: gay or etero older men.

That's why i want to create such a tour,so i can give the very best of myself and at the same time have the exciting company of the best men in town. All that combining sense of humour (hopefully) with the knowledge I've aquired over these years in my studies and the experience I've developed in 18 years of working as a guide